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From 20 minutes to 20 seconds

Here’s how one Western Australian accounting business turned a task that took 20 minutes, in to one that now only takes 20 seconds. 

Compay Name: Omnis Group
Location: Perth, WA
Practice Management: Xero
Document Management: How Now

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“We love FuseDocs”

 The average Australian Accounting business spends at least 45 minutes compiling annual financial statements and tax returns for a family group, manually locating each of the various files from directories, collating them into a PDF builder to create a single file, creating or editing bookmarks and so on.

Omnis Group, an accounting business based in Western Australia, recently implemented FuseDocs – a fully automated solution that would reduce the administrative burden of their report compilations, all the while maintaining the personalised and professional appearance of their client report packages.

FuseDocs is an intuitive piece of software that integrates directly with your existing client workbooks (whether they be in Excel or Word) and allows you to simply click a button, automatically locating and combining every single file, financial statement, tax return etc. into one client-ready PDF file, complete with specified bookmarks and document security.

For Omnis Group, we connected FuseDocs directly to their Practice Management System and their Document Management System (How Now) to allow FuseDocs to not only automatically populate the associated entities and documents included in the report package, but to also prepare a personalised table of contents page (with hyperlinks) and entity-specific dividing pages.

FuseDocs even has the ability to add fully customised cover-pages based on your client’s industry, or another distinguishing feature.

It’s never been more important to ensure our teams are focusing on what matters – our clients. Why not let solutions like FuseDocs take care of things behind the scenes, so that your advisers can focus on developing those relationships, and your administration team have more time to focus on better supporting them.

We love FuseDocs! The amount of time saved on administration has been amazing for our company. All you need to do is click a button and a document that would have taken you at least 20 minutes to prepare is completed in a few seconds… It is just fantastic, we would highly recommend!

- Claire Stone, Support Services Manager, Omnis Group