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Create clear and concise structure charts within seconds

With FuseCharts, anyone in your team can transform the most complex of client relationships into clear and engaging visual structure charts 

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Create professional structure charts and relationship diagrams

FuseCharts makes it easy to turn complex client relationships into clear and concise visuals – so even your clients will understand their structure!

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Communicate what matters

Professional services are changing, and you need tools that are easy to use and create powerful results, so you can spend more time on what matters – adding value for your clients.

FuseCharts helps you to communicate complex information with powerful diagrams to help your clients understand what matters.

In the information age, it’s never been more important to simplify your communications with clients and sift through the noise to demonstrate real value.


Design and create structure charts with ease using FuseCharts


Intuitive layouts guide you through the data entry and drawing processes.


Using FuseCharts, your structure charts can be as detailed or simple as you need.


Built in help features and a dedicated online forum keep you drawing.

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Get your whole team charting

Choose a package that suits you

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14 days free, access for 1 user


  • The essential charting tool for professional services
  • Unlimited use
  • Create fully customised charts
  • Export or print to any format

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Business Edition

Perfect for progressive practices


per user/per month

  • The essential charting tool for professional services
  • In-built support
  • Free updates
  • Unlimited charts

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Enterprise Packages

Great to get your whole team charting


  • The essential charting tool for professional services
  • Customised & configured to your business
  • Enterprise-wide defaults
  • Third party integrations available

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With FuseCharts, anyone in your team can create clear, concise structure charts with ease.

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Not sure about your investment?

For the accountants out there, think of it this way:

You only need to save 15 minutes per month at an average charge-out rate of $200 to get back your investment.

And we guarantee FuseCharts will save you much more time than 15 minutes!

Make sense of the mess with clear and concise structure charts.

After all, a picture paints a thousand words.

The software has significant value. I have used it so far as a part of our annual compliance process so clients have an easy reference for their structure, and also in new entity setup advice so they can clearly see what is being proposed.

Ben Roberts
Partner, Roberts & Cowling

The simple and intuitive interface is quick and easy to use – it really makes client charts a painless (and even fun!) experience.

Ryan Dobbrick Director Dobbrick Financial Services

I am really enjoying using it; the more I use it, the more I see what can be achieved in it.

Tracey Wilson
Baker Affleck Moffrey

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