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Posted 14 Feb '20

How To Put Your Clients In The Picture This Tax Planning Season

A picture paints a thousand words – so the saying goes.  

In fact 65% of us prefer visuals when it comes to learning and understanding a topic. That’s why with 30 June around the corner, it’s the perfect time to mix up your approach to tax planning, and think about new ways to help your clients see the bigger picture and understand exactly where they’re sitting with the end of the financial year. 

You’ve probably sketched many mud-maps for clients (or even your own team members) in the past to visualise relationships between entities, where money flows, and who owns what – but chances are these rough and ready sketches end up scanned to an internal client file, or erased from the whiteboard once the meeting is over.  

But these visual diagrams can be powerful tools when it comes to engaging your clients in the conversation, and are far too valuable to leave lost in your system as in internal file note.   

A well-presented structure diagram is a great way to help clients understand their structure. It’s here that clients can enhance their knowledge of the different entities that make up their group.” – Scott Charlton, Director, Slipstream Coaching 

Here are three ways you can use charts to appeal to the visual learners and put your clients in the picture: 

  1. Cut through to the key issues. Consider the questions you’ll no doubt hear on repeat during upcoming tax planning discussions: “what do I have to pay”, “how much am I getting back”, “what did I earn”. Rather than give your clients a table or list of numbers, charts can clearly map out the entire family’s estimated position and answer all their questions in an easy to read format.  
  2. Clearly show estimated positions. Simply add details of refunds and payments will help your clients to instantly see the bigger picture.
  3. Map out distributions. Add distribution amounts to a chart to show the flow of funds visually.   
FuseCharts lets you create family group structure charts with ease

How do you produce these charts quickly, consistently, and with a quality appearance that you’d be happy to flash up on screen during your next meeting, email to your client, or include in their annual report package collation?  

While there are a few different options on the market, with FuseCharts, anyone in your team can quickly and easily transform the most complex of client relationships into clear and engaging visual structure charts.  

The intuitive application guides you through the data entry and drawing processes, and allows you to add as little or as much detail as you (or your client!) needs. Add in your firm’s logo, colour, and shape preferences and easily generate engaging visual family group charts that you can save in a variety of formats.  

New entity this year? Simply reopen your previous FuseCharts diagram from PDF or Image format in the FuseCharts application to add the new entity and relationship with ease. 

Professional services are changing, you need tools that are easy to use and create powerful results, so you can spend more time on what matters – adding value for your clients. 

Tools like FuseCharts help you to communicate complex information so clients can understand what really matters. 

Download a free 14 day trial of FuseCharts now, or use the code takeoff before 31 May 2019 and receive $300 off your FuseCharts annual subscription*.

*Valid on a single user subscription per firm 

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