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Smart software solutions for smart accountants.

At FuseWorks, we offer smart technology solutions that streamline your accounting firm processes.  

Made for Accountants by Accountants, our intuitive tools turbocharge your practice, allowing your team to work smarter.

By automating manual tasks, you add efficiencies to your practice, save time, eliminate the risk of manual errors, and offer a seamless client experience. Not only that, but they also empower your team to focus on the work that matters: developing new services and revenue opportunities, nurturing your clients and investing in personal and professional development. 

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Work smarter

Time is our most valuable resource. Which is why we all need to care more about how we use it.

Enough of clunky spreadsheets, inconsistent outcomes, and tasks that simply take too long; we design software solutions to help your team work smarter so they can focus on work that matters. 

Our mission is to help empower teams of every type to love what they do each

Ask questions

Challenging the status quo is where we come from; challenging your team to grow is where we’re going.

Tired of seeing team members in our own accounting practice weighed down in tasks taking too much time (and that no one enjoyed) we simply asked the question – is there a smarter way? 

We started with simple excel macros designed to make life easier, and now, 6 years later, our suite of solutions designed and developed in Brisbane, Australia are helping teams across the globe work smarter, on work that matters.  

It works with FuseWorks

We’re helping businesses across the world be more efficient & more
effective – with more time to focus on work that matters.


Hours saved & counting!


Increase in admin capacity


Reduction in data entry
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We love our work and we want you and your team to love yours too.

Our values describe why we’re here and what we’re here to help you with. They shape our culture, and influence all of our decisions.

When we release a new feature, develop a new solution, or give you a call to kick around best practice, it’s because we’re driven to help you work as efficiently and effectively as possible, and curious to find the smarter way.

We might help you to work with robots, but we do so to give you more time for what matters – being human.

Always looking for new ways to get Fuse working

We’re about more than software – we’re about empowering your team to be the best it can be,
with time to work on what matters.

Here are just some of the ways we’re putting Fuse to work.


Find out how you could compile an entire report collation in the time it takes to make a coffee.

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What else could Fuse do

Have an idea or problem you think Fuse could be
perfect for?

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