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We're here to help you work smarter

Our team is on your team.

Our tools are specifically designed for Accountants with a client-centric focus. All of our products are designed, developed and hosted in Australia in our Brisbane HQ.

And it's from our Brisbane HQ that our team support you!

Our robots are busy taking care of our automation. When you contact us for support - whether by email or phone - you will always speak with one of our human.

We're always on the look out for talented people to join our team. Want to be considered for future opportunities?

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Our Why

When Chartered Accounting and Software Engineering joined forces, this is where the magic happened!
Frustration lights a Fuse and FuseWorks was born!

To fix a problem, you have to understand the problem. And nobody understands an accountant's problems better than an accountant.

For over a decade, Scott Barber & Melissa Voss helped manage a Chartered Accounting firm in Brisbane, Australia—passionate about increasing productivity and simplifying complex tasks through process automation. They knew the pain points faced by accountants because they lived them each day. 

These two business partners are now proudly building bespoke software solutions to help accountants across the globe.

FuseWorks' innovative nature means they dare to do things differently. Their passion and commitment to the accounting industry revolve around client feedback and continuous improvement.

Meet our Team of FuseExperts


Melissa Voss Creator of Opportunities
Head of Clients & Partners
Chartered Accountant

Scott Barber Maker of Lightbulb Moments
Head of Product
Technology & Development

The HUMANs behind FUSE

LIZ ANFRUNS Head of Awe & Amazement

People & Process Manager

PAUL BARBER Vision Realisation Expert

Implementation Manager

HUGH O'CONNELL Solution Support Guru

Service Manager

GABRIELLA SUGGATE Happiness Engineer

Client Engagement Manager


Head of Sales

CAM EDGERTON Codeling & Development Guru

Software Developer

JEN-WEI SIN Code Warrior

Software Developer

OLIVIA DAVISON Dream Maker Superstar

Operations Coordinator

KUYEN LEWIS  Results Rockstar

Business Development Consultant

DALE CHESTER Solution Architect

Software Developer

AMELIA WIGLEY Solutions Superstar

Business Development Consultant


Senior Developer


Technical Client Service Specialist

FUSE Chief Productivity Turbocharger

Your Personal Robot Assistant