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Tools to turbocharge your accounting firm.

Helping your team to do more with less.

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Smart software solutions for professional services

FuseWorks provides the tools your team needs to work smarter, so they can focus on work that matters. 


Document compilation

Compile, format & send client-ready documents, such as annual report package collations, in a single click with FuseDocs.

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Digital signing

Send multiple documents to multiple recipients with granular control over actions (view, sign or hidden from view) all in one bundle with FuseSign.

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Is your practice inFuse?

When was the last time you stepped back to check in on your current ways of working?

A practice inFuse runs efficiently and effectively, with smart automation and systems to free team members from repetitive administration tasks that distract them from what matters.

Our inFuse automation review is designed to help you identify opportunities to turbocharge your team’s productivity and efficiency using easy to implement automated solutions.

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By accountants, for accountants

Our products are designed to solve real problems experienced by real people.

We develop and test our products hand-in-hand with our affiliated accounting practice, which gives us an in-depth understanding of industry complexities and client expectations.

We're always looking for ways to support your business. If you have an idea for a new feature or solution to help you work smarter, let us know.

Turbocharge your productivity

Time is your most precious resource – we’re here to help you and your team use it wisely.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you identify the opportunities that will have the biggest impact on your overall business.

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Compile, format & send client-ready documents with the click of a button

FuseDocs completely automates report package collation, standardises your processes and produces quality, consistent client outcomes every time.

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Digital signing designed with Accountants in mind

With FuseSign, you can send multiple documents, to multiple recipients, with different actions (view or sign), all in one bundle. Saving you and your clients time, so you can focus on work that matters.

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Saving accounting businesses over 20,000 hours annually and counting

That means more time for meaningful work

At Prosperity we are continually focused on leveraging technology to enhance our business processes. FuseDocs & FuseSign has helped us streamline the way we deliver documents to clients in a secure, easy to use platform. The FuseWorks team continue to be extremely helpful & receptive to development requests, allowing us continue to enhance our processes.

Krystle Brandstater Prosperity Advisers Group
The iManage + FuseDocs + Virtual Cabinet Portal integration piece is now working brilliantly; we are getting positive feedback and there has been a significant number of documents sent via the platform. Huge thanks to Scott of course for all his work getting us there.
Adam Irwin  Pitcher Partners
Our support staff now have more time to devote to client services with the significant time saving we have been able to achieve.  We can’t wait for the next process to be tackled as the benefits from this one have been huge.
Ainsley Coggins Accrus Harris Orchard
FuseDocs and FuseSign definitely takes the hassle out of collating documents so we can focus on putting more useful information into the pack for the client. I’ve been amazed at the flexibility of the program so really impressed.
Joshua Churchward Compass Direction

We are loving FuseSign!

We’ve received so much positive feedback from the team and our clients on how easy the platform is to use. 
For anyone who is looking to implement FuseSign to their firm, we would highly recommend it! 10/10!

Sussann McKinney Ascot Partners

Don’t be afraid to roll it out, you won’t regret it. And actually, it’s not that difficult. If you can work a toaster, you can probably work FuseSign. 

Hayden Syers Lee Coutts & Syers

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