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Career Opportunities

FuseWorks is distinguished & committed to adding value through innovation, being human, curious and driven.

As a company, we nurture inquisitive individuals who share our passion for automation and design across all fields.  

Our people are passionate about creating a great place to work for our employees, with progressive benefits & perks, designed to help prosper a clear and rewarding long-term career path. We are continually seeking passionate, talented & experienced indiviuals to join our team!

FuseWorks Core Values


By using computer automation, this allows us, as humans, to do what we are good at & enjoy!

We are a group of people that enjoy working together and celebrating work and personal achievements


Question the status quo to find better methods and better outcomes

A safe & open environment to try new things, experiment, learn, and grow

Collaboration allows for ideas to flourish, it is what we do & pride ourselves on


We take responsibility for getting things done

Our passion for bettering people's lives through automation makes us driven to work as a team cohesively to make the impossible possible

What Makes Us Unique?

  • We are more than a place to work: we are an energetic, genuine and open team & culture
  • Our team strives on collaboration & breaking new ground where everyone can participate and belong
  • Feedback throughout the organisation is welcomed with open arms, we are curious about different ideas and ways of doing things
  • We love seeing our people achieve their personal goals - weddings, babies, houses, degrees and other life events are celebrated
  • FuseWorks is a playground,  amplifying your skills and exploring new territories you never thought possible - we make the impossible possible!
  • We support career growth opportunities within the business and job crafting that aligns with both our team's personal and career goals
  • Every quarter we set new goals and rewards as a team - we dream big to achieve phenomenal outcomes, acknowledging everyone plays a part in getting us to where we are going
  • To nurture and grow as a team, we host Strategic Planning Retreats to prosper beneficial targets  
  • Formal & informal learning opportunities
  • We offer & understand that in this day and age, Flexible & Hybrid Work Environments are a must & that is exactly what we are all about!
  • We have an Open Book Management style so our team have a say in our goals, performance, and projects that we take on!

Passion and Values Collide!

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Don't just take our word for it! Hear what our people have to say about being a part of the Fuse team!

Cam Edgerton Development Guru
Culture is everything. Working with people who are great at what they do is fantastic, but working with people who want to help YOU be great at what YOU do is even better. It gives you the confidence to be more creative and shortens the distance to achieving your own goals.
Olivia Davison Client Success Coordinator
Our industry is EXCITING! It is always evolving and I get front row seats watching the process everyday. We are such a close knit team and I love coming to work and collaborating with everyone whether we are in the office or working remotely. The growth, culture and flexibility are 3 things they drew me to FuseWorks. We are always reaching for new goals together and pushed to smash our own career goals.