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'Best Thing Since Sliced Bread'

The Superannuation Advisory Team at Vincents has now made FuseDocs part of their day-to-day lives by automating both the collation process, but also the creation of certain documents within the packs they put together for their clients.

Company Name: Vincents
Location: Nation Wide
Practice Management: APS
Document Management: How Now

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Streamlining and automating these processes has shown significant cost savings, “Based on some rough calculations we estimate we will save $50,000 per year by implementing FuseDocs” says Alexandra Plumb, Manager of the Superannuation Advisory Team at Vincents.

Before using FuseDocs, the process was very manual in putting together packs, by printing each document, compiling them in the right order manually, attaching sign here stickers, and then sending them to the client for signing. As the Self Managed Super Fund packs are quite large and complex, this process usually took the team 1-2 hours to complete this process.

The team has not only saved 30 minutes per collation by automating this process including the automatic placement of sign here stickers, the team also now uses FuseDocs to generate cover letters and a document outlining action items for the client. This action item document – sometimes up to 10 pages would take an accountant 1-1.5 hours to make sure all the right information is in there. With FuseDocs automating the document generation with standardised paragraphs and templates, they are saving 30 minutes putting this document together.

Not to mention the peace of mind of knowing the consistency in presentation and design of the document making it one less task that needs to be reviewed. “We know that by using FuseDocs the documents will be consistent and well presented, every time.”

By reducing the time required for producing collations for
clients, the administration team has increased capacity and
also been able to spend more time on other tasks
such as managing the database, and doing extra follow ups
with clients for the accounting team.

Alexandra Plumb Manager, Superannuation Advisory
“When I first saw how FuseDocs works, I was immediately impressed – there was nothing really that couldn’t be done, there was always a solution that could be found, or a fairly simple way to work around a task so that it could be automated. We now use FuseDocs to not only collate our documents but also to generate individual documents within the pack itself. We now save both the admin and the accounting team’s time combined about an hour per collation process.”