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It's been simple via the BGL integration, our clients have embraced it and it just makes it easy for them. 

Starting a new practice always brings new challenges but starting it during a pandemic is very different experience. When Magnus was established, their vision was to do things differently than it had been done before. That included being as digital and paperless as possible. Coincidentally, the challenges of a global pandemic meant that they were absolutely on the right track. After being introduced to FuseSign by BGL, they signed up for a free trial, and the rest is history. Two months later, they are so glad they did—staff and clients are both happy, and things get done so much faster, for a fraction of the cost they had anticipated—BGL and FuseSign together makes life a lot simpler.

Company Name: Magnus Corporate Advisory
Location: Sydney
Corporate Compliance: BGL CAS 360
SMSF Compliance: BGL Simple Fund 360

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"Using FuseSign is simple. It’s been reasonably seamless."

When they set up their new practice, Caroline and the team had the goal to do things differently and in a more efficient way than what they’d done before—part of that was focusing on going paperless and digital. 

With that in mind, they’ve decided to join BGL and through BGL, they heard about FuseSign. They decided to sign up for a free trial and put it to the test.

"We’ve just been through four months of lockdown in Sydney, and having access to the digital signature options was just a lifesaver. It just meant things could happen expediently for clients because when dealing with companies like ASIC and the ATO, sometimes the penalties that face individuals or companies for delays in things being done are quite massive. So having access to FuseSign has made it a lot simpler and quicker", says Caroline Crofts.

It’s been two months since the practice has signed up to FuseSign, and the feedback from both the clients and the team has been really positive. “Using FuseSign is simple. It’s been reasonably seamless. Our clients are keen to use digital platforms, even for signing off on a tax return. And then obviously, for registers and other things like that, it’s been simple via the BGL integration. Our clients have embraced it, and it just makes it easy for them".

"I believe FuseSign is the best option for small and medium businesses like us, where you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars a year for the option to have two or three staff using digital signature. It’s just not feasible. FuseSign met that gap in the market, and it came at the right time."
- Caroline Crofts