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Case Study

“FuseDocs and FuseSign have been a game changer for our business”. 

Company Name: Viden Advisory
Location: South East Queensland - Multiple Locations
Practice Management: Xero Practice Manager
Document Management: FYI

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Streamlined workflows and improved client experience for Viden Advisory.

Embark on a journey with Viden Advisory as they revolutionize efficiencies across their diverse business landscape. Samara Gilbert, General Manager at Viden Advisory, envisioned a transformation marked by consistency, efficiency, and a polished, professional experience for both clients and the team.

Viden Advisory seamlessly integrated FuseDocs and FuseSign, alongside XPM and FYI, in a comprehensive technology overhaul. Discover the remarkable outcomes and key wins achieved since this strategic integration. Dive into the details of how these cutting-edge solutions have elevated Viden Advisory's operations, setting a new standard for excellence.

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Samara Gilbert General Manager,  Viden Advisory

 "FuseDocs and FuseSign have been a game-changer for our business. The efficiency, streamlined workflows, and improved client experience have elevated our operations to new heights"'.