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Within less than an hour, we had FuseSign and CAS360 working seamlessly together. 

Based in North Queensland but with a client base located both Australia-wide and globally, PVW Partners needed tools that could quickly deliver to clients regardless of their geographic location. Having a client base predominantly of regional and rural clients, limitations such as having access to a printer, a computer, or a close enough post office can represent a challenge. When BGL integrated CAS with FuseSign, they’ve signed up for a free trial and, in their own words, “haven’t looked back”.

Company Name: PVW Partners
Location: North Queensland
Practice Management: APS
Document Management: Virtual Cabinet
Corporate Compliance: BGL CAS360

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"If every computer program were that easy, life would be amazing!”

With many regional clients Australia-wide and overseas, PVW was looking at better ways to serve the clients that would be quick, easy and efficient for them and their staff.

They had looked at other digital signing solutions in BGL's CAS360, but it was all very complicated and too costly.

Having been a FuseDocs client since 2019, the team thoroughly enjoys using it for all their document compilations and how seamlessly it integrates with their document management platforms.

So when BGL announced the integration with FuseSign in mid-2021, it was a no-brainer. They've signed up for a free trial, and within less than an hour, they had FuseSign and CAS360 working seamlessly together.

"There was a massive improvement in the turnaround time of documents needing to be signed, the ease in monitoring documents out for signing and the fact that clients have transitioned very easily to FuseSign. The feedback we received is that they enjoy the ease and convenience of digital signing rather than printing, signing, scanning. And, of course, without needing to set up a login and password. And we've had clients out on the farm signing documents right from their tractors within minutes, and we receive it back instantly." says Gloria, responsible for implementing FuseDocs and FuseSign into the practice.

It’s a matter of just typing your name as a signature, and not having to set a password, email, or login is just brilliant. It just makes it so simple for the clients, especially because that’s who we’re trying to create less work for. So, it’s brilliant. We find it amazing”

- Gloria Chippendale