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The KISS principle of our product design

Have you heard the expression “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” by Leonardo Da Vinci? Arguably the greatest inventor in history, we think there might be some merit behind this phrase!

You may have also heard of the KISS principal. If you don’t know already, that means Keep It Simple Stupid and is a principle commonly used in software design – and certainly something that we here at FuseWorks take pride in doing ourselves, too. 

So what do we mean by that? Well, there’s nothing simple about how our developers work and make the automation magic happen in the backend of our products – but the user experience has been specifically designed with simplicity in mind.

For example, with our digital signing platform FuseSign - both for those setting up the signing pack, and for those who are using the platform to sign, we have designed the process to be as simple as possible through our user interface design, unique spread of features as well as our mobile friendly platform – no username and passwords required for the signer!

We also have ensured our pricing and subscription options are clear, our support is easy to reach, and we have tailored our features to be uniquely suited to the accounting industry – as that’s an industry we know well as accountants ourselves, and already serving over a hundred accounting firms with our other products!

So why should you care about the KISS principle?

We think keeping things simple isn’t uniquely useful in software design – it’s also a principle you could abide by with how you service your clients, too, and what tools you choose to use in your business.

While tax, accounting and money is often complex – how we deal with all the paper work and administration of doing business can certainly be kept simple – from a cloud based document management system (like FYI), streamlining compliance management (like BGL's CAS360) or even invoice payment collection (like FeeSynergy) or ATO Paperwork management tool (like ATOMATE) – there’s ways to make these things simple for both your team and your clients. 

We know it pays off based on the feedback we’ve received ourselves. For example, New Zealand firm Lee Coutts & Syers implemented FuseSign based on some advice they received from Clarity Street when they were looking to make the transition to remote working easier for their clients when it came to signing documents.  “If you can work a toaster, you can probably work FuseSign” said Hayden Syers, Director of Lee Coutts & Syers. You can read their case study here.

If you haven’t yet used FuseSign, we invite you to check it out for yourself with our free 14 day trial (no credit card needed). If you think we could make it any simpler and easy to use, we’d love to hear from you.

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