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Posted 26 Apr '22

Seven Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Digital Signing Tool for your Business. 

Are you looking to implement digital signing in your business and comparing products on the market? We’ve put together a list of 7 considerations for when making that decision, and why many businesses are choosing FuseSign because of them! 

  • Can you try it before you buy it? Like test driving a new car, sometimes you just need to take a vehicle for a spin around the area first before committing to the car for the longer road trip! At FuseWorks we designed the trial for FuseSign to be quite extensive – with full access to unlimited subscribers, unlimited recipients and unlimited documents, making it easy to test out the power and flexibility of the platform. With 30 included credits in your trial (1 credit = 1 recipient), it’s plenty for you and your team to really give it a go and see if it works for you!
  • Are you locked in a never-ending contract upon signing it? Sometimes to make a price even close to budget friendly, providers will put a condition that you’ll need to sign for a long contract period, practically trapping you into not changing providers if their product no longer is the best option for you. We wanted to make sure that FuseSign was good enough that there’s no need to lock people in – and we’ve done just that! While there’s some financial incentive to pay annually – we’re confident enough in our products and know that our clients stay long term regardless and require no minimum commitment.
  • Do you know how much you’re going to pay in the end? Have you ever budgeted one price for something then found the bill and seen that it’s way more and it’s because of hidden fees and charges you didn’t know you had signed up for? Pricing transparency is so important – so make sure you do your research and ask questions! This was a big focus for us (we hate hidden charges too!), and we believe that we offer pricing that’s truly hard to beat!   
  • Do they charge extra for additional users and extra documents? Similar to our point on transparent pricing – specifically in digital signing platforms, it’s important to know the costs for extra users from your teams and if there’s limits to how many documents you can send without incurring extra charges. For us, we believe that charging for extra users and documents is an outdated model, and we allow unlimited users and documents (even in the trial period!) because we want everyone in the business to use it as much as possible and experience the benefits that FuseSign brings.

  • Do you have flexibility and control over the signing options? One of the reasons why our clients love FuseSign is that we offer granular control over each document and signer within a bundle, meaning that you can deal with a whole family group in one go with still managing confidentiality on who needs to see/sign/access each document within. If your business deals with large groups of people with various levels of authority, this is a feature that can save you a huge amount of time – and also simplify the signing experience for your clients too (one place with all documents rather than lots of separate emails for those who have the highest signing responsibility!)
  • Is the platform mobile and secure? Understanding the security methods and accessibility for your clients is an important part of choosing a signing platform. With FuseSign, we allow signers to access on any device with the internet and use 2 factor authentication for signers, which means they can access their documents on the go (as long as they have access to their email or phone!)
  • Do you know where your data will be stored? For peace of mind and compliance, knowing that your data, and your clients data is being kept securely, is essential. FuseSign is built, supported and has all of its data kept in Australia.

One of the many great features about FuseSign is the flexibility around our sign up process, we allow a ''try it before you buy it'' policy that encompasses all the main features of the product for no cost. This flexibility extends to the actual product itself as we believe in our product so much that you are never locked in to a contract and can cancel anytime. What's more is that you will always know what you're going to pay with no nasty hidden fee's, this includes no extra fee's for multiple users or extra documents!  

When it comes to our actual product, one of the key advantages presents itself through our unique granular control which can be implemented into the document bundle that controls who needs to see/sign/access each document within. All of our amazing features are accessible for users through our 2FA to make sure we have the best security available, this extends to your data as all client and user data is stored securely right here in Australia. 

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