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Posted 9 Sep '20

3 Ways To Use Digital Platforms To Improve Customer Experience

It’s great to see that 89% of businesses rate digital transformation as a top priority, yet according to DocuSign’s “Digitise or Die” report, 94% of decision makers and business leaders feel they could be doing more. I’m interested to know what “more” would mean for your business – but in the meantime, here are three simple ways those in professional services can enhance customer experience and internal efficiencies using simple, digital solutions.

Move your forms and data collection online

56% of consumers feel that completing paper forms makes an organisation appear out dated, so why not build a simple online form using TypeForm or GetFeedback that you can send to clients to collect the data you need, or embed into your websites with minimal coding.  You can even use a service like Zapier to add new entries to a Google spread sheet or Trello board, or we can assist you to automate getting that data directly into your practice management program to further streamline the process and remove the potential for data entry errors or administrative delays.

Create electronic reports with easy-to-navigate on screen experiences

We’re big advocates of workplaces that aim to reduce the amount of paper they use internally and externally, and it seems that customers are also ready to reduce paper waste – 72% reporting that they’d had problems completing transactions because of paper in the past year. For those in accounting practices, moving towards electronic annual report packages could put a significant dent in reducing your paper and printing costs.

Colourful imagery and branding, personalised cover pages, and cleverly placed hyperlinks or bookmarks can easily enhance the onscreen customer experience of a report package that might contain reports, financial, and tax returns for a dozen entities. Once your accounting team has finished the reports, use a program like FuseDocs to automate the entire collation and preparation process – creating customised cover pages, hyperlinked contents tables, and multi-level bookmarks for you.

Automate the collation of documents, contracts, and reports requiring signature

58% of customers agree those businesses which offer digital options for signing documents or completing transactions provide a better customer experience. However what we’ve heard from clients recently is that it’s much easier administratively to print those declarations and reports that require signature than organising emails with multiple or large attachments, or search out the correct pages to upload into an online portal or digital signature platform. If you’re using FuseDocs to automate your report package compilation, you can specify if you’d like a “signing pack”, which will automate the collation of each page that requires your client’s signature, complete with electronic “sign here” stickers so they don’t miss a spot. This file can then be uploaded directly to your online portal or signature platform, or if you do need to print these files to be signed, you no longer have to search out specific pages containing declarations, EFT details, or special elections.

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