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Posted 13 May '21

Are you suffering from tech fatigue?

Two easy ways to overcome tech overwhelm

It’s a real thing – with so many tools and apps to help us be more productive.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of off-the-shelf solutions available, you’re not alone! The key is to identify what your primary pain points are, and from there, be really clear on the desired outcome you want to achieve from investing in any efficiency or time saving tool. 

Not sure where to start?

Why not put on lunch for your team and get a download of all the things driving them crazy, or better yet – spend the day “jumping on the tools” with your administrative and accounting teams to get a feel for what’s actually happening in your engine room?

You might be surprised (or shocked) to see some of the tasks and processes happening because they’ve simply always been done that way. 

That’s exactly what we did in our affiliate accounting practice, and that activity was the catalyst that led us to create our flagship product, FuseDocs

Melissa Voss, Associate Director for client and partner relations at FuseWorks, shares more about the journey we’ve been on since launching FuseDocs on this Acuity magazine article.

If you need some help to identify processes that might lend themselves to be streamlined, access our handy checklist here.

Of course, once you’ve identified the processes you want to streamline – be sure to get the help you need to implement a solution successfully, whether that’s an off the shelf product or something more specific. Ask your solution providers for their thoughts and recommendations – we truly enjoy helping our clients find the smarter way that will work for them, and connecting you to the right people and apps for your practice. 

If you’d like to kick around opportunities for process improvement within your practice, register for a complimentary inFuse review, or click here to contact us to chat further.

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