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Posted 28 Aug '19

Send emails direct from FuseDocs!

Talk about turbocharging productivity, the FuseDocs Outlook Connector is perfect for those emailing clients and adds document security!

Our new Microsoft Outlook Integration allows you to prepare emails to send your compiled documents, letters, and checklists directly from FuseDocs.

We know that not every one of your clients will be comfortable using an electronic signing platform but they may still want to receive an electronic package of documents rather than a printed copy. This integration could also be useful for sending compilations internally depending on your approval process.

FuseDocs will pop all of your documents for distribution in one view with automated standard text for your email subject and body.  Simply add your email addresses, which could be extracted from your database, and click the button to prepare your email.

If you’d like more information about this feature, click here to contact us.

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