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Posted 12 Apr '22

The Ecosystem Behind Every Good Business

When you think of the word ecosystem you may think of nature – perhaps a rainforest or a coral reef.

However, the term ecosystem can certainly be used when describing a business. In fact, it can be useful to consider the ecosystem of your business, ensuring each moving part is healthy for the sake of the whole.

So let’s have a think about what the ecosystem of a successful accounting firm would look like:

  • Happy and Productive Employees
  • Happy and Profitable Clients
  • Systems and Processes Tailored to your Specific Business Needs
  • Technology and Software
  • Clear Objectives and Goals to Work Towards
  • Regular Review and Reflection

The importance of using the metaphor of an ecosystem is knowing that not one part is more critical than the other. Leaders of business' should regularly ensure there’s a balance of energy of maintaining all factors. If you find that you're having trouble in a certain area, it may be due another area needing improvement or attention. 

For example, research has shown that people who work in organisations that encourage people to talk and learn about technology, have 20% lower stress levels than those within organisations that don't have these discussions. You can read about this in our blog on why it can actually benefit your business to treat technology like a colleague by reviewing its place in the organisation structure, and who’s responsible for it’s output.

For further exploration on how you could potentially use technology or automation specifically, we offer complimentary InFuse Reviews, which is designed to help you identify opportunities to turbocharge your team’s productivity and efficiency using easy to implement automated solutions.

As accountants ourselves, we’ve carefully considered how our products can positively influence the whole ecosystem. We ensure that our solutions can be tailored to suit your own client, employee and process needs – not only by having a flexible solution like FuseDocs that’s custom designed to suit your business (book a demo to find out more), but also with our range of integrations with other providers (ie most practice management systems and document management systems).

If you’re feeling unsure on how to start reviewing the ecosystem of your business, you can engage a consultancy like Clarity Street or Practice Connections who focus on bridging the gap between your business and goals. In particular, these companies focus on software systems and processes – a great idea to ensure your ecosystem is humming nicely!

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