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Posted 15 Apr '21

When You Don’t Have Time – Make Time.

It’s amazing that even when the world is holding its collective breath in worry about the global pandemic, that our daily tasks and responsibilities don’t stop with it. When ways of working, kids at home, and total disruption to plans and events turn life upside down, it seems easy to feel like there’s no way to fit something new in – even if it will save you time.

We’ve seen that clients who are proactively implementing new ways of automating their processes are in fact making this work-life shift easier for themselves. By putting in the time now to implement these new tools, you’re guaranteed to save time later – and this can mean avoiding burn out for your team, and giving your clients confidence that you have better control over what they need to be supported right now.

FuseWorks was founded on the philosophy that people should be doing the work that only people can do – and the rest should be using the technology available to them. It makes our work more “human” and frees up our days. Right now more than ever it’s important that we are all focusing on “being human” for the sake of our teams mental wellbeing, our clients wellbeing and getting through the challenges of 2020, together.

We want to help, and we want to gift you your time back. Our solutions are designed to do just this – and we want to help in whatever way we can.

FuseDocs – Compile, format and send client ready documents in a single click. By automating the collation process, you can cut down your administration time by 25%, work more efficiently remotely, and deliver well design and branded digital documents via email to your clients. We can get you up and going in a week, just book a time to find out how.

FuseSign – Digital signing is the way of the future, but the problem with signing technology is that it is rigid around the signing responsibility of different individuals and different documents. By building our solution with Accountants in mind, we’ve solved this problem – Trial FuseSign obligation free for 14 days.

FuseCharts – You have the data, we’ll make the chart! A picture paints 1,000 words and can offer your clients a much easier way to understand complex legal structures and save you time needing to explain it in words, over the phone or create a chart in a manual way. Start a 14 day trial of FuseCharts now!

We of course know that we aren’t the only solution provider you may be considering and we put together this helpful matrix (read more on the blog how to prioritise a wish list of what you could implement in your business first )

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