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Posted 5 Nov '20

Why implement digital signing?

Some businesses have already been introduced to the world of digital signing and love it, while others are still tentatively considering implementing the change. We know that change can be quite intimidating and time-consuming, especially when you have both team members and clients who are used to your time old approach to getting work completed.

So, if you’re one of the team members who’s really wanting to implement a digital signing solution and you need to come up with more reasons than “it’s just way better” for your management, team, or clients – we’ve got you covered.

  1. The nature of work is changing

2020 is definitely the launch pad of the nature of work really changing.

With traditionally office based, paper driven businesses, it’s more important than ever to embrace this new world of virtual meetings, remote working and electronic communication, as it’s unlikely that it’s going to go away anytime soon.

Digital signatures can play a huge role in your business to help you adjust to the digital transition that has been thrust upon us – and allows you to finalise work without needing printers, stationary or travel to and from the post office. 

2. Client expectations

People are expecting faster, easier and more digitally friendly experiences in nearly everything they do, especially when it comes to work. Online shopping and online banking is now the norm, it only makes sense to make processing paperwork the same easy experience.

Doing things online can be more of an adjustment for an older segment of the population but the majority of people have a computer in our pocket (ie smart phones) at nearly all times. With this social norm, there’s expectations that convenience and efficiency will be a number one priority by any suppliers we deal with, and an accountant isn’t an exception to the rule.

Using digital signing to be more efficient can in fact help give your clients a sense of security knowing that you’re able to keep operating digitally and still provide them the same level of service, as well as your own business maximising capacity, and reducing overhead costs that ultimately impact the clients pocket.

3. Environmentally conscious

For those who are environmentally conscious – reducing the paper use in your business by introducing electronic communication has some obvious benefits for your impact on the environment.

Lowering your costs on paper, ink, equipment, envelopes and postage fees (and time to manage all these activities) is a nice bonus, too!

4. Remove the “groundhog day” activities

Printing, packaging and sending documents in the post is clunky, time consuming and painful for all involved! Particularly when you have multiple people needing to sign documents all in different locations.

This huge time and convenience cost can easily be streamlined by implementing a digital solution like FuseSign, which can send a bundle of documents all with different signing and viewing recipients. Great for family groups!

5. Time is Money!

Probably the most obvious reason and one that all accountants can appreciate – time is money and increasing efficiency, productivity and capacity is key.

Digital signatures is just one of the digital tools that your business can use to save costs, improve client experience and increase capacity amongst your team.

What about the legal side?

Electronic signatures are allowed in most countries globally and are seen as a more efficient and effective method of authorisation and approvals than paper based signatures.

Electronic signatures have been recognised by law in Australia since 1999 when the Electronic Transactions Act was passed.  In New Zealand, it was 2002 when the legislation was passed.

The electronic transactions act governs digital signatures. They require Digital Signatures to have:

  1. A strong level of user authentication and verification
  2. Detailed audit trail and log (e.g time and location details + IP address) AND A
  3. Tamper proof final output

We have lots of resources available about digital signing and specifically our FuseSign product and we offer a free 14 day trial of our platform. Why not give it a go, and find out for yourself how easy it is to have your clients sign paperwork!

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