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Posted 28 Jan '20

Workflow Is Now Live

We’ve had a lot of feedback from clients over the past year that there is opportunity to add more automation into your workflow in the areas of reviews, approvals, and finalisation – and our new Workflow feature is the outcome of that feedback. 

The aim of Workflow is to give you a tool to make it really easy for your business to track and manage your report process in the way that best suits your current workflow and processes. 

Workflow will help you to easily see a list of all the jobs that are at the collation stage, including their status (for example Request Stage, Manager Review Stage, Collation Stage).  This means that you can see if something is stuck or waiting on a team member.

From Workflow you can see that when you are working on an active job and if you are ready to proceed to the next stage, you can open up the notes window add some details for the next user if needed. The specific stages within a workflow are completely customisable and are defined based on the needs of your practice.

You will also have access to an area where you can manage users, permissions, and groups to help with managing your teams access to the various stages within FuseDocs.

This feature also includes user authentication for increased security and authorisations around performing different parts of your compilation process, for example, approvals or applying signature images. This added security, authentication, and approvals also paves the way for us to build deeper integrations into electronic signature platforms, where your practice can have confidence that documents have gone through the correct stages of approval before being sent to clients

The infrastructure that we’ve built to enable this feature has also provided a host of other benefits:

  • If you’re on a Workflow enabled version of FuseDocs it is quicker and easier for us to configure additional templates to add to your automation suite.
  • You will have access to more tools to support your FuseDocs champion in testing any modifications that may be made from time to time
  • and in the background the FuseWorks team will have access to a broader range of ways that we can support your solution with less interruption and downtime for your team members

Want to discuss how you can implement Workflow for your version of FuseDocs? Get in touch!

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