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Posted 27 Oct

How To Get Started On Your Wish List Of Improvements

You might have lots of ideas on ways you can make process improvements in your firm, especially in the response of unprecedented change and need for digital transformation. But how do you prioritise them?

The first thing you need to do is identify those ‘low hanging fruit opportunities’ and make sure:

  1. The timing is right. Does something else need to happen first?
  2. It aligns with your current focus within the firm.
  3. You’ve considered the effort vs the reward.

Our advice is always to direct your focus to the improvements that address your biggest workflow issues and impact your top strategic priorities first. If you have a few and you’re unsure where to start, consider using a matrix like the below to identify your ‘sweet spot’ of improvements so you can start off with a quick win.

A quick win, and proven to save huge amounts of time and resources is implementing a tool like FuseDocs that compiles, formats and sends client-ready documents at a click of a button. If you’re already a FuseDocs client, then you might benefit from finding out about some of our new bolt-ons that could help you achieve even higher maximum efficiency, like our new Workflow add on.

As for how it has assisted clients with their top strategic priorities, here are some of the ways that we know FuseDocs has made a difference:

  • Improve presentation and consistency in your documents for a better client experience
  • Increase time spent on training and development for the team
  • Reduce administration time by improving business efficiency
  • Move your business to be more digital and paperless
  • Expand your service offering (by finding time for your team to do so)
  • Make internal collaboration and remote working easier (by using the add on Workflow feature)

For some ideas on some quick wins you could be implementing, check out our post: Quick Wins for using technology in 2020. If you’re looking for some ideas of tools to use, check out our post: 20 Tools to help achieve your goals in 2020.

If you’d like to kick around some ideas (being accountants and working with them as clients, we’ve seen a lot in this area!) and find out more on our solutions here at FuseWorks, get in touch!

Watch FuseDocs compile an entire annual collation in the time it takes to get a coffee!

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