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Posted 19 Aug '21

Impression & Experience Counts – Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Implement Improvements

Branding and consistency of your documentation shows that your business is professional and capable of producing documentation that feels polished and thought out. A clean and professionally presented business can give an added layer of confidence to your clients, knowing that the money they are spending on your services are of the highest possible standard. Think the difference between a Tesla dealership and a second hand car dealership. For your clients, you want to be Tesla.

So how do you make sure you have consistency and professionalism in your client communications?

  • Branding in your documentation
  • Consistency in how your documentation is sent, received, signed and returned
  • Using the latest technology to make the process more streamlined and efficient
  • Creating a seamless experience for the client to review and approve work
  • Your team having capacity to spend more time with clients when they need it (more time on the phone, faster return emails etc.)

At FuseWorks, we’ve designed all of our products to help you achieve this list of actions that will help present your business and your employees the way that they should be – professional, reliable, efficient and effective.

We consistently have feedback from our existing clients that they are making huge savings of time for their whole team, including Vincent’s who told us during an interview case study that they estimate they save $50,000 a year by using FuseDocs (you can read more here). Proving that you can up your game with system improvements, and save money and time in the process.

For our newest product, FuseSign, we’re thrilled to hear from clients that they’ve seen huge benefits since implementing – including Mathew Rees, Client Services Accountant at West Carr & Harvey Accountants and Business Consultants who said: “With the need for remote working and digital communication being a priority now – FuseSign has helped us provide a seamless, affordable and easy way to efficiently gather signatures from our clients. The FuseWorks team have really put some careful thought into what accountants specifically need and take on feedback with a lot of enthusiasm, which is fantastic. Our turnaround time now has dramatically improved, and it’s testament to the design of the platform.”

Don’t have time to implement these changes?

We get it, time is hard to come by. But what if we told you that in just a week and a couple of zoom calls, we could have your business

  • Automating a huge component of your admins time, meaning they have more capacity to help you in other areas
  • Presenting to your clients more professionally – providing reassurance that your business is on top of things, without you having to actually say anything!
  • Your workflow improved by becoming digital
  • Faster turnaround on gathering signatures from a family group.

One size fits all?

We know, the slipper doesn’t always fit and sometimes your porridge is just too hot.

We’ve seen it time and time again where businesses try to implement software and instead of it being tailored to suit them, the business has to change to suit the software. That’s not us! At FuseWorks, part of what you pay for is the tailored solution, and the ability to integrate with your existing systems.

Hop on a call with us to see the tools we offer in action and get started with a customised proposal that meets your needs, integrates with your existing systems, and is tailored to your existing processes (except for making them faster, easier and more streamlined!).

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