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Posted 25 Feb '22

The net profit in automation

If we could save your business 2-3 hours a week, ongoing – what would that be worth to you to invest to get that kind of return? Whether it’s money investment or time investment, it’d probably be quite a lot!  

That return of time is why automation exists, because there’s so much value in doing so – whether it’s automating your direct debits for your home internet bill or automating the formatting of a document when putting together a report, it pays off to be open minded and curious about ways that you could make some simple changes with a big payoff. 

For example, accounting firm Vincents has estimated a savings of $50,000 a year based on the time saved since implementing FuseDocs.  

The Superannuation Advisory Team at Vincents has now made FuseDocs part of their day-to-day lives by automating both the collation process, but also the creation of certain documents within the packs they put together for their clients.  

Alexandra Plumb, Manager of the Superannuation Advisory team said in their case study “we now use FuseDocs to not only collate our documents but also to generate individual documents within the pack itself. We now save both the admin and the accounting team’s time combined about an hour per collation process.” 

What would you be willing to spend in order to get that ongoing savings in your business? You can book a free a demo in to see FuseDocs for yourself to see how it could work for your firm. 

We also put together our Guide to Automation with some great tips on how to approach finding ways to improve your business with automation. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and there’s plenty of providers who are happy to talk it through with you – like us! You can book in our complimentary InFuse Review today

Want some other ideas of what you could automate with big returns? Our blog 3 key business processes you didn’t know you could automate (and how to do so) is a great place to start. Also, our handy article 6 Signs A Process Needs To Be Automated could also help you figure out where the gaps may be. 

Got some ideas now and keen to chat? Book a time with us now using this booking system (that saves you and us time in finding a spot that works and automatically locking it in!).

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