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Posted 2 Apr '20

Ways That Fuseworks Can Help You Right Now

In a time of uncertainty and a global health and economic crisis, businesses are currently in completely unchartered territory. For the accounting industry – we are busier than ever getting our heads across all the new rules and legislation around the economic stimulus packages that the government is announcing – which seems to be changing rapidly to respond to the COVID-19 situation in Australia and New Zealand. 

We wanted to share with you some good news – our current offers, showing off our new Workflow bolt-on, and a handy download to help you and your team work smarter, not harder!

FuseDocs Workflow

We’ve had a few of our clients using our new Workflow bolt-on with raving reviews and now we’re ready to release it into the wild! FuseDocs Workflow is an easy and quick set-up and has a range of features that include:

  • User authentication
  • Customised workflow stages
  • Workflow assignees
  • Plus our newest feature of email notifications

FuseDocs Workflow starts from as little as $50/month for a small practice. Watch the video below (1 minute) to find out more!

FuseDocs Fast Track

The team behind FuseDocs has been working hard to create a Fast Track option to allow you to be set up with FuseDocs much faster – so you can get going with your document compilations and start streamlining your electronic documentation in just a couple of days! Find out more about our Fast Track options here (PDF)

Give Back to Current Clients!

With FBT Processing about to hit us (and bad timing at that!), we’d like to make it as simple as possible for you by providing all existing FuseDocs clients with a FREE Standard FuseDocs FBT Template so you and your team can create FBT packs as efficiently as possible. Super easy to implement – so if you’re keen to find out more, call us on 07 3233 6440! Offer Expires 30 April 2020.

Download Our Guide to Automation

The truth is, implementing automation doesn’t have to be technical, extensive, or even require new programs to help improve efficiency. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you identify some of the ways you can identify, prioritise and implement new processes for automation.

Want to find out more? Book a FuseDocs Demo!

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